Future Tech Holdings Empowers Storage Providers through Game-Changing Partnerships for Streamlined Data Operations & Sealing-as-a-Service

Future Tech Holdings (FTH), a leading provider of decentralized storage solutions, is excited to announce the launch of their revolutionary easy deployment option for end-to-end data preparation and Storage Provider (SP) sealing operations. This cutting-edge solution, integrated with Delta under the hood, offers SPs unparalleled ease, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in managing their storage operations.

Streamlined Data Operations with Delta Integration

FTH’s new Filecoin Data Tools (FDT) integration gives SPs access to handle data preparation and storage sealing operations in one unified platform. Leveraging the power of Delta, a suite of open-source tools for creating and managing Filecoin storage network deals, SPs can now simplify the process of preparing and managing storage deals on the Filecoin Network.

“Leveraging Delta enhances the overall user experience and efficiency for our valued Storage Providers,” says Nathan Dragun, CEO of FTH. “SPs can now focus on their core business operations, knowing that their data operations and storage sealing processes are expertly managed.”

Sealing-as-a-Service with Aligned: Best in Class Tooling at Your Fingertips

As part of this release, FTH proudly offers 3rd party Sealing-as-a-Service in collaboration with Aligned, a top sealing provider in the Filecoin ecosystem. Developed from the ground up with custom designs for a robust sealing pipeline, Aligned’s Sealing-as-a-Service ensures the best-in-class tooling at the most competitive prices for SPs hosted with FTH.

“Our partnership with Aligned opens doors to allow SP’s hosting with us access to unparalleled sealing capabilities,” says Dragun. “This strategic partnership empowers SPs to maximize operational efficiency, reduce costs, and focus on providing exceptional storage services.”

Overlord Platform Upgrade: Enhanced Functionality and Insights

Alongside these groundbreaking developments, FTH is excited to announce the new upgrade of the Overlord platform. This upgrade introduces enhanced functionality and insights, further streamlining the storage management process and providing SPs with valuable data-driven insights to make informed decisions.

“Overlord has always been at the forefront of providing exceptional storage management capabilities,” Nathan Dragun remarks. “With this upgrade, SPs gain even greater control and visibility over their data operations, enabling them to optimize their performance and drive business growth.”

Join the FTH Community and Revolutionize Your Filecoin Operations

Future Tech Holdings remains committed to empowering businesses and individuals with secure and innovative data storage services. With the new integrated Delta capabilities, and Aligned’s Sealing-as-a-Service, FTH sets the stage for a new era of streamlined storage operations.

Storage Providers are invited to join the FTH community today to experience the next level of storage management.

For more information about Future Tech Holdings and our solutions, contact us.


About Future Tech Holdings (FTH) 

Future Tech Holdings (FTH) is a trailblazer in decentralized storage solutions, empowering businesses and individuals with secure and innovative data storage services. With a focus on technological advancement and customer success, FTH continues to redefine the future of decentralized data storage.

About Filecoin Data Tools (FDT) 

FDT (Filecoin Data Tools) is a cutting-edge set of compute and storage technologies built on top of the Filecoin Network. FDT’s technology stack comprises various components, including computing, storage, and networking resources that developers can leverage to build decentralized applications. Their scalable, flexible, and secure offering caters to a wide range of use cases, empowering teams to create innovative and efficient solutions.

About Aligned 

Aligned is a leading sealing provider renowned for its battle-tested Sealing-as-a-Service engine designed specifically for Filecoin. Developed from the ground up, Aligned’s custom-designed sealing pipeline encompasses both hardware and software, enabling Storage Providers to access on-demand sealing compute globally with ease.

Specializing in high-performance compute services, Aligned offers fast, powerful, and flexible computing solutions ready for today’s most complex workloads. Their integrated hardware and software stack, leverages proprietary architecture and technology, including acceleration layers that utilize Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). This results in unmatched speed and efficiency when processing massive data sets on demand.  Their unique approach empowers organizations to implement and build protocols or applications without computational constraints. By entrusting Aligned with complex data processing tasks, businesses can focus on their core competencies and maintain a competitive edge.


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